Regular Elephant Ears Bulbs Size 7 to 9

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Regular Elephant Ears Bulbs Size 7 to 9 inches
Tall Regular Elephant Ears – Colocasia Esculenta.

Regular Elephant Ears Bulbs Size 7″ to 9″:

  • bulbs are approximately the size of a tennis ball
  • plants grow to 3 to 5 feet tall
  • plants can grow in full sun or shade

Happiness Farms Fancy Leaf Caladiums Elephant Ear bulbs/tubers are the Regular Elephant Ears, so the heart-shaped leaf hangs downward just like the leaf of a caladium. They are a member of the Colocasia Family and will grow in the sun or shade. These beautiful bulbs are between 7-9 inches in diameter and will grow between 3-5 feet tall. They are sometimes referred to as Heart Plants or Heart of Jesus Plants.

The large green leaves of the Elephant Ear plant will add a tropical flair to your yard or patio. They grow well in landscaping and in large containers.

Planting Ideas & Instructions

  • Place Elephant Ears a few feet apart to create a wall type border in your landscaping.
  • Plant Elephant Ear bulbs/tubers randomly among your other shrubbery to add a tropical flair.
  • Plant an Elephant Ear bulb/tuber in the center of a large container with caladiums or other annuals or plants surrounding it. This will create a focal point with height and color.

How to Plant Elephant Ear bulbs
Cover the crown of the bulb with 2-3 inches of soil after the night temperatures have warmed to 65 degrees F or above.

Storing your Bulbs
Elephant Ear bulbs must be overwintered just like caladium bulbs. They will need to be dug up and stored warm (above 65 degrees F), dry and ventilated from the first sign of frost until the night temperatures reach 65 degrees F, when you may plant them outdoors again.

Regular Elephant Ears Size 7″-9″ Bulbs are approximately the size of a tennis ball.

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