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Fancy Leaf Caladiums

Fancy Leaved Caladiums have large, fat, heart shaped leaves. They typically range in height from 18” – 24” depending on the variety and growing conditions.  The plant height and leaf size are determined by the variety, with some varieties being larger or taller than others. Fancy leaved caladiums are ideal in landscaping as borders, mass plantings, spots of color and in containers.

• Use white and light-colored varieties in deeply shaded areas against dark green shrubs and plantings to illuminate and brighten the area.
• Pair taller varieties behind shorter varieties or lance leaved varieties in borders and mass plantings for stunning views.
• Put a few tall fancy leaved varieties in the center of a large container and then surrounding them with a shorter fancy or lance leaved variety to make a
spectacular showing amongst your plantings or on a porch or walkway.

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