Bulb Sizes

Each of our orders is graded, hand counted, and hand packed to order by experienced personnel who have been with our family business for decades. We only pack the highest quality bulbs.

We primarily offer quality #1 sized bulbs to our customers. They are high quality, nice sized bulbs that range in size from 1 ½” to 2 ½” in diameter.

Occasionally we are able to offer Jumbo sized bulbs which range in size from 2 ½” – 3 ½” in diameter. They are typically in short supply and sell out rapidly.

Caladium bulbs are much like potatoes in the respect that they produce leaves wherever there is an eye. The larger bulb surface of Jumbo bulbs allows them to have more eyes. The greater number of eyes, the greater the number of leaves per bulb. Jumbo bulbs do not necessarily give you larger leaves or taller plants. The variety you choose will determine how large your leaves will be and how tall the plant will get, not the bulb size.

* If your miss the Jumbo specials, don’t let this worry you. Planting 2 #1 sized bulbs will give you the same beautiful display as 1 Jumbo sized bulb.

Generally speaking you will get the same showing in your planting by using 2 #1 sized bulbs in the same area you would plant 1 Jumbo bulb.

Leaf size and Bulb size are not correlated — Caladium Variety determines Leaf Size

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