Happiness Farms’ Jumbo Caladiums

Currently all Jumbo varieties are NOT in-stock.
Each Year the crop is uncertain, as are bulbs sizes, and as such aren’t available at this time.
We apologize for the temporary inconvenience.
We will be adding Jumbo availability as soon as we know what has been harvested.
We recommend you purchase #1’s instead as the leaf size, plant height and overall look is the same as what you will get from Jumbo bulbs.
Simply order twice as many #1’s bulbs. You could order 50 #1’s for $63 compared to $60 for 20 Jumbos.

Happiness Farms’ Jumbo Caladium Bulbs are large 2 ½” to 3 ½“in diameter bulbs. These larger bulbs provide more leaves per bulb than size 1 bulbs. Leaf size and height are determined by the variety.