Beautiful large Red Flash caladium leaves among piness Farms Caladiums

Christmas in the age of COVID

Christmas will most certainly be a new and possibly different experience for most families this year. The Covid-19 virus has changed the way we think, live and feel. Discovering new ways of completing old tasks, while positively maintaining relationships and connections has been a testament to our human capabilities. The love and care for one another may be greater in our communities, families and friendships than ever before. Reaching out and connecting in thoughtful, creative ways is on the minds of us all.

Gift giving is a way to express how we care about others, especially during a time when keeping a distance has replaced the closeness, we love to share with one another. While others are filling their shopping carts with fads, plastics and disposables, why not show how much you care with a live gift? Caladium bulbs are a perfect gift for both gardening enthusiasts and those busy persons who don’t have hours to spend maintaining their gardens and plant beds. They are easy to handle, easy to plant and tolerant of most soil conditions once the weather has warmed to an appropriate temperature.

Large whisky barrel of white Aaron and pink Florida Sweetheart caladiums beside a bronze statue of a Great Dane
Happiness Farms Caladiums
Aaron and Florida Sweetheart Caladiums

Caladiums are available in vibrant reds, pinks and whites, which brighten, add texture and create a sense of depth to virtually all types of gardens. Growing in a wide range of heights and leaf sizes, caladiums effectively create beauty and charm when used as a border or when mixed with other foliage. Most often planted in outside gardens and plant beds, caladiums may also be planted in both large and small pots or containers and hanging baskets. In pots, mingled with other plants and flowers, they easily become the focal point of outdoor porches, patios and walkways. Many yards and patios have been transformed into retreats for quiet time or a beautiful location for entertaining by utilizing the color and dramatic effect possible with caladiums. From mountain tops to coastal regions, caladiums are a perfect choice when considering decorative plants for home, patio or garden.       

The caladium’s heart shaped leaves are also lovingly referred to as the Heart of Jesus, due to their red, heart shaped leaves. This time of the year, as we celebrate the birth of our Lord, the living gift of caladiums will be a heart shaped reminder of your love year after year.    

Our family, here at Happiness Farms, is here to help you select the perfect caladiums for your plantings or to give to your friends and loved ones as gifts. We may be reached Monday through Friday from 8:00-5:00 at 1-866-892-0396 or through our online store

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